Newbie: How do I descale my La Scala Butterfly with the electronic panel?

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Hi all.

I know this is basic but I want to get it right. I have a 2008 La Scala Butterfly machine A1. I'm not sure if it's hx but it's a single boiler. I've never descaled it. I've had it about 5 yrs (previous owner seemed more meticulous so it should have been fine prior to me buying it). I'm in the pacific north west with very soft water. The machine seems to run ok but I want to start doing this maintenance since it seems to be the right thing to do. I love the machine.

1) I've looked at youtube vids and none actually show descaling a La Scala butterfly...most show machines with some sort of levers and such on the machine but I don't have those. How do I descale properly...can someone suggest a link?

2) I'm assuming anything like dezcal is ok? Some folks use vinegar but not sure if that is the best.

thank you