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nixter wrote:Very first shot I pulled was nice, though perhaps a little fast. This thing is definitely higher flow than my old tapered basket. Unfortunately I ran out of my regular beans so I can't really compare apples to apples.

The pucks do not come out of the Big Bang cleanly. The top half breaks off but the bottom is stuck to the basket.
What tamper?
The Force?

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Pucks are just harder to remove from straight walled baskets. The impact on my knock box bar is dramatic! It's somewhat easier since using a top screen that consolidates the puck better, but...really I almost had forgotten how easily pucks fall out of baskets like a vst. I used my vst for the first time in months to perform a "test" and when I turned it over to whack just fell out!
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Amberale wrote:I am really interested in seeing how that goes on the Argos>
I am just trying to justify a $500aud basket on an $1800 aud machine.
I use a $150 portafilter and $50 basket, distribute with $50 WDT tool and tamp with a $200 tamper on my $150 tamp station that I then Lock into my $600 espresso machine, if that make you feel better :lol:

Baskets are well worth it compared to all the other stuff, that said loads of new baskets are coming out so I perhaps would not spend $200 on any baskets as prices are coming down.

As side note coffee is indeed harder to get out, I find that on manual lever it's easier to let the puck to be not bone dry, but a bit wet this make removal far easier.

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Amberale wrote:What tamper?
The Force?
Normcore V4 spring. 25 or 30lbs, i cant recall which