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Shakespeare wrote:That's interesting find 'seacliff' .I wanted to understand. thanks.

The Unica pro is offering some super fast options in providing hot water.
That mention of 'low mass flow through heaters' sound similar to a 'miniature flow-through water heaters
These heaters are used in home hot water supply. Except they are not miniature or in series.
Just a guess.

Though the Unica Pro is offering ""energy efficient fast heating time. After turning the machine on, the hot water is ready after 4s, the brew group after the 90s, and the steam boiler after the 120s.

Hard to comprehend their: 'Four second heating time for hot water"' 'And ready to brew in 90 seconds."

""New heating technology, As a result, the Unica pro consumes just 70 kWh/year in Eco mode.
This is 22 times less energy than a comparable dual boiler system and four times less than a double thermoblock machine on the market to date.
That dos sounds a lot like induction heating, what else can be that energy efficient? A new thermoblock design I just don't see it.

But this is certainly intriguing and is what we need to see more of, away from traditional boiler design that is really the future especially as we need to cut our energy consumption.

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It looks like an Olympia Maximatic made for commercial use.

But with all of the flow profiling and volumetrics, this is what Decent could be if they slap on a cool retro/modern case.

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It looks like an Olympia Maximatic made for commercial use.
DrH A perfect image. It seems Olympia engineers are visiting the Unica company.

Seacliff: It seems a excellent choice on how they have super water heating in seconds.. To have a few small water induction heaters in series.
Would possibly do the trick.

This machine is full of unique features : The steam timer function allows you to foam your preferred amount of milk in a repeatable way. Your able to set the time in seconds and exact temperature to heat the milk and repeat the exact amount of steam each set.

Another couple of features I like is heated Cup Tray:
In order to preheat the cups optimally, you have the possibility to adjust the temperature of the cup tray according to your individual needs.

And,'no copper tubing' Manufactured entirely without copper and brass
Only food-approved materials are used throughout the unica pro's brewing path: No copper or brass. Mainly stainless steel and food-approved plastics are used.

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I posted a few questions on one of their facebook posts.

For the water they replied "It's heated on demand through six series-connected instantaneous water heaters with low thermal mass."
" .. it holds the temperature very precisely within +/-0.5 degree Celsius within the set target temperature. You will have no drop in temperature since we are heating on demand and have no boiler with hot water."

As to when it will be available outside of Europe:
"For now we focus on Europe. In 2024 is the plan to sell also in North America"

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Carimali was working on a compact induction espresso machine a couple years ago. The Swiss Unica Pro heating system sounds similar...
No Espresso = Depresso

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spressomon wrote:Carimali was working on a compact induction espresso machine a couple years ago. The Swiss Unica Pro heating system sounds similar.
Great find: ' Carimali Heylo's boiler-free system is designed to rapidly heat small quantities of water or milk for coffee drinks on demand by channeling the liquids through conductive metal tubes surrounded by electromagnetic induction coils.'

The Heylo hasn't made it to the market yet. As what I see at present.
Just think, having the exact water pressure,the perfect temperature with the exact proportions requested.
All without a water tank.
This is what the Unica Pro GmbH is offering.

There was a old post '116: Post by TheMadTamper » October 25th, 2019, 1:03 pm' in Home Barista
That clearly provides the positive of the system and the negative.

"The Carimali is definitely cool, and the lack of a boiler simplifies a lot of things. The only catch with that rapid boiler-less heating system though it's it should have pretty specific power requirements making it a bit limited in where it can be located. Cool for a cafe, but lacks any kind of show and flair, so only certain types of cafes will be interested, not great for home since few will have the power requirements such machines tend to need (not a big energy consumer but 220/20A I'm sure is a given for such rapid heating) so we won't see it make a big spalsh in the market or overall machine design I think. But the idea is definitely cool. That one is a step toward simplification versus complication!"

There is with the Unica Pro, a fresh new approach in the design in 2022, of the induction espresso machine compared to the Carimali of four years ago.
The need for 220/20amp home connections satisfies the Unica Pro need of a considerable amount of electricity but only for a few seconds at a time to supply the induction heaters.
This Is definitely a problem that will need to be satisfied for home use in Canada and the US.

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Has the idea that it might be induction heated come from anything but speculation?

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ira wrote:Has the idea that it might be induction heated come from anything but speculation?
seacliff dweller wrote:Speculation

The technology is here. and it will be in an increasing amount of commercial espresso machines in use after the technology is accepted.
The large amount of electricity needed (Unica Pro) for the a short time iuwill draw 2800 to 3000 watts.
...So far this technology has been developed in Europe with 230 volt system. This I believe will keep this technology in the North American market to 220v system.

This induction system, due to its instantaneous heating will save an enormous amount of electricity.
There will be no need for heating and keeping large amount of water heated in insulated stainless tanks.
This will provide immediate hot water at an exact temperature within seconds.
And then shut down until hot water is required again.
There will be electricity savings and then, advantages it will provide in the redesign of the size of espresso machines with no boilers needed.

For example to heat hot water in the Unica Pro presently: is 4 seconds...
And to heat water for their dual system -no boiler for their brewer and a small .50 liter for milk frothing.
It takes using its induction heating is: 120 seconds.

There has been another system that is being developed with the use of induction heating. The 'Heylo' ... g-machines


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My best guess would be a series of pairs of a small thermoblock and temperature sensor. This way one could alter the temperature of the thermoblocks later in the series according to the temperatures of the flowing water earlier.
The number of heater's means business here as I would expect even a faster temperature changing alloy thermoblock to heat up to a ballpark range a and a copper thermoblock with more mass to buffer any deviations in either direction to be more than sufficient. Maybe that would not be as energy efficient though.