New Rocket R58 2020 (shown at Host Milano)

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#1: Post by KyleDrinksCoffee »

Hey Guys!

Does anyone know anything about the new R58 shown at Host Milano? Any specs or details on the new computer?

Apparently it's a USB instead of a vga adaptor. And it's a touchscreen unit.

It also has a shot timer like the chronomatic.

I'd love to hear more about it! Love or hate Rocket, anyone improving the community and industry is a good thing!



#2: Post by KyleDrinksCoffee »

Just got word that it will be releasing in March-April of this year.

Good to know.


#3: Post by RBS »

Any update on this?

Will the same update go for the r60v? I don't find any news on the coming update?


#4: Post by Abecker » replying to RBS »

I found this ... er-v4-2020. I couldn't find it in the US though


#5: Post by Ullke »

Shared on their IG today.
I'm a bit disappointed it doesn't include a variable pressure valve like the Lelit Bianca. I love the rocket machines, but it feels so wrong paying more for a machine without this feature. Looks good though.
Seems like they have changed the name from R58 to R Cinquantotto


#6: Post by Dflynn »

Do we know what's changed?

The legs
Control panel
Shot timer
Body tweaks

Anything else?

Don Task

#7: Post by Don Task »

No additional information per se... slightly different angle...getting a better look at the new legs. Web page says coming mid July - Taking pre orders. ... o-machine/

Krups, then Silvia, then Livia 90, then a Techno! Does it ever end? [sigh]