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Greetings, I've been reading hb for the past month or so in narrowing down my choice of machine, and my Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro R just arrived today. So far so good. My question is about the pump that moves the water from the reservoir to the boiler - is this the same pump that pushes the water through the grouphead when pulling a shot, or a different pump? When the boiler is getting filled, the machine is loud! and rattly. When pulling the shot, the noise level is very reasonable, and within my expectations for a rotary pump vs. vibe pump. Second question, if/when I plumb in, does this same pump get used to fill the boiler, or is the boiler just always getting filled via line-pressure whenever water comes out of the grouphead? (I understand Rocket Mozzafiato locks the inbound water line when the pump is not running which is why you can't line-pressure pre-infuse w/ this machine) Thanks for any information you can provide.


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Yes, it's one pump for both circuits.
If the pump is unable to draw in water as fast as it is pumping it out, it will draw a partial vacuum. The pump is very powerful and the water will actually be forced to separate and leave little gaps of very low pressure "bubbles" suspended in the flow which create a lot of noise going through the pump.
This partial vacuum issue in a pump is called "cavitation", it will damage the pump if it is just ignored, it needs to be dealt with. The cavitation is not happening when brewing because the flow through the brew circuit is restricted by the gicleur, the coffee and everything else along the way, thus it isn't able to exceed the voulme that the pump is taking in. The boiler-fill plumbing is wide open when filling the boiler and the pump is trying to draw more than it is able to, possibly due to a restriction somewhere between the reservoir and the pump inlet.

Check a few things.
Is the reservoir pushed firmly, all the way down into position? If it is too high, the valve in the bottom isn't fully open.
If you push the reservoir downward during the boiler-fill cycle, does the noise get better?
Is the bottom of your reservoir nice and flat, or is it concave? When the reservoirs are taken from the blow-mold and sat upside down while they're still too hot, the bottom can sag due to gravity, the reservoir hardens like this, the valve in the bottom of the reservoir is too high to be fully held open by the shaft in the receiver (White cup) below it, and the partly open valve restricts the flow.
If not the above, can you hook up your braided hose to the plumb-in fitting under the back of the machine, switch the switch behind the reservoir to "Plumbed", put the free-end of the hose into the reservoir so that it has water to drink and test the boiler fill like that? If it doesn't make the cavitation noise when drawing from the plumbed in hose, then you've determined that the flow restriction is somewhere between the reservoir and the T-fitting where the 2 inlets join before the pump. There is also that little clear-plastic-inline-filter under the reservoir. If the above tests didn't locate the issue, you'll want to take the top off of the machine(Along with the reservoir carrier) and look to see if that clear filter is clogged with coffee grounds or anything.
If none of the above helps, post again. Hopefully the above will have ruled some things out.


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Thanks for your reply. Yes, the reservoir tank is firmly pushed all the way down. The support people where I bought this from say this amount of noise is normal, they compared to another two machines, and say the noise is coming from the reservoir and nearby components rattling, not the pump itself. I'll compare to the plumbed in hose shortly and also have a look at the bottom of the reservoir. Have a look/listen if you like in below video - thanks again


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I have same machine with the same issue. It arrived like 5 days ago and I don't think it's normal sound. Did you figure out what the problem is?


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It's still quite noisy - I've had the pump stop working once, making the same noises but not stopping and not moving any water. A tiny adjustment on the pump pressure nut had it working again. As mentioned, idrinkcoffee said their machines make the same loud noise when pumping. I did hard-plumb in and I don't notice any major difference from the tank-sourced water. I also made sure I have a pressure limit in front of the input to the machine, but I don't think it made any difference, and I don't think my home water pressure is high enough to cause any problems. I've not had any other issues aside from the one time the pump stopped working. It's been a great machine, but it does make lots of un-harmonious sounds when running the pump either to pull a shot or refilling the boiler...


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interesting. Mine only make this sound when filling the boiler. Pulling a shot is very quite.

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There was a recent thread on just this topic: Rocket R58 loud when refilling boilers. I owned a Rocket Evoluzione with a rotary pump for 6 years and the machine was always much louder when filling the boiler than when brewing. There's nothing wrong with your machine.


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That's reassuring! Thank you!


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dsblv wrote:There was a recent thread on just this topic: Rocket R58 loud when refilling boilers. I owned a Rocket Evoluzione with a rotary pump for 6 years and the machine was always much louder when filling the boiler than when brewing. There's nothing wrong with your machine.
If so, how does the noise level compare to a vibration pump? I have been considering upgrading to a tank-fed rotary pump machine (the Cronometro being a contender), since my wife sometimes complains she has to turn up the TV volume whenever I draw hot water for tea and the pump starts refilling the boiler :x . No complaints when I brew a shot though.