New Quick Mill Silvano EVO owner, a couple of questions

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Hi all, have been browsing this site for a while which led me to the purchase of a new QM Silvano EVO machine which I have been really enjoying. Really grateful for all of the help and advice given throughout the HB forums.

I had a question for those familiar with this particular machine, are large temperature swings on the PID display normal after pulling a shot? If I have the temp say set to 200F, sometimes at the end of a shot the display will show around 180 but then after a few seconds leap up to the 220s or 230s even before settling back down after a few minutes. This is my first PID controlled machine and was just wondering if this is how it goes, temperature seems stable after coming down and balancing out. Also might anyone know what the B setting in the PID parameters is for? Current value is a 6, and according to Tom at Chris' Coffee there are a couple of settings in the current Silvano PID menu that only apply to the Carola, an empty reservoir alarm and a fill setting I think, just wasn't sure what the the B was for. Thanks for any input at all, again really thankful to the community for getting me this far, thrilled to be pulling really great shots at home.

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I have the Quick Mill Vetrano EVO and see temperature swings while brewing. However they are not as severe as wha you are saying. My brew temperature might vary between 94°C and 92°C, but it never goes as low as 82°C. Is the Silvano a single boiler machine?
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Technically a double but it's a single boiler for brewing and then an independent thermoblock for steaming. I messed around a bit tonight and I'm wondering if I'm giving my warming flushes too much time (was doing maybe 5 or 6 seconds) and that combined with the following shot is draining the boiler too far.