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There seem to been a huge development of ultra precision basket ever since the Uni from Weber came out, we already seen WAFO launch a whole series, Weber coming out with one as well as Swork design. Now Australia company PESADO seem to have joined the game with their HE basket as shown on Socraticcoffee instagram where they show side to side flow with the WAFO I don't think it is available as of yet, but it would definitely be the accessible one globally as they have the distribution network and hopefully we already see a cut in price.

I think we need a collective thread for this and try to collect some user experience of this new trend.


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I am not enthusiastic about that baskets


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I fine the various comments interesting, from absolutely negative to overwhelmingly politics!

Personally, I'm slightly over one and a half months into using a SworksDesign bullet basket with 3K holes. One month in, I have found myself using it exclusively over my collection of VST baskets which I have used for years. I've done some blind tasting with light, medium, and dark roast beans. I understand, $200 is a lot to paid for one basket, but that one basket has served all my needs. Before the bullet basket, I was using three different size baskets to optimize the coffees I routinely drink in a given week (15g, 18g, and 20g). So there we have close to $100 dollars in VST baskets vs. $200 for a single bullet basket...not so bad. I paid more for a Pullman Chisel distribution tool years ago that now collects dust since we all know that WDT is the GOAT distribution technique.

I'll discuss use and taste down the road, but to sum that up, I now grind significantly finer, super enjoy what I'm now tasting from my light and medium roast coffees, with med-dark coffees a wash. Head space adjusted using top screens (these cost pennies) and offer the additional benefit of keeping my group head clean!

In a nutshell...I'm a happy user!
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malling (original poster)

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Thanks for sharing your experience, that sounds interesting, please keep us updated if you find more. The swork design has definitely peaked my interest, but would mean I need a straight wall pf... so definitely something to consider

Capuchin Monk

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malling wrote:There seem to been a huge development of ultra precision basket ever since the Uni from Weber came out,
Next will be something called hyper precision basket and charge $400. It's all about marketing skill.


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I'd be interested in hearing more views on taste with Medium-Dark roasts (with more emphasis on darker) with the newer ultra precision baskets. Is there an improvement, or is it a wash as BaristaBob stated above? I've been using the stock IMS basket on my Bianca V2 for the last year, so I'm starting to get an itch for minor upgrades, if they can be justified.


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I've been using the Wafo that came with the Londinium I just bought. I expected to flip it quickly, but nope. It's a better basket, and I will keep it. Would I pay $200? Probably not. I think it can be a useful upgrade for someone wanting to push the limits of their current gear, but can't drop $2-4k on a new machine, provided their grinder is sufficiently good.

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One of my local shops are using WAFO basket, they said they noticed an improvement in taste... I might actually be able to get the basket through them.

The basket are definitely more hefty then stock VST, I still think the basket are overpriced but buying them locally makes a huge difference imho.

I'll get some shots there before I make up my mind on it over the next months. If I find the results worth it I might just get one.

Capuchin Monk

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malling wrote:they said they noticed an improvement in taste...
Of course they will say that. It's a business. :idea:

malling (original poster)

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It was from their barista not the owner, they don't sell WAFO or are even a distributor, what possible gain would they have by telling that? They don't usually go around showing customers the basket or even talking about it as it's just a tool. They use it because they found it to improve on something, if it didn't why on earth would they choose to use a basket that just add more expenses, is more fiddly to use!

They are quite experimental and like to try new stuff, this was something they tried and found to work not everyone has a dodgy agenda.