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H2c4 wrote: Any updates?
Yes, sorry for not posting back. The Reduced Flow basket has a flow that is similar to my Pullman 876 basket, maybe a little faster. You get the edge extraction which is nice - I believe it improves the taste. However, like probably all other new precision baskets, they clog very easily. I got tired of this quickly so I'm back to my Pullman 876 which I'll try with paper filters at some point.

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Got myself a Sworks basket but struggling with fit into my standard bottomless portafilter and with drips catching on the PF causing coffee to go everywhere!

can anyone recommend any after market portafilters which work well with the Sworks baskets please, the Sworks PFs are out of stock :(

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Does Swork High Flow fits nicely in LM portafilter ?