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#151: Post by Jeff »

Many have made decisions about using paper filters with coffee both for drip and espresso. In both cases there are camps that prefer metal-only filtration and others that find improved overall flavor with various choices in paper filtration.


#152: Post by gscace »

espressoren wrote:Yeah, I mean I'm no physicist, but it seems to me that even with perfect distribution through the puck, the result out the bottom could look like evenly dispersed rain, radially symmetrical multiple streams, or a single stream. How the drips coming out of the basket join together (or not) seems like it would be more about the viscosity of the fluid, how hydrophilic the basket surface is, the crema being produced, etc. It leads to people being annoyed they can see the basket, even if the shot is great. However, the opposite could be true as well - you could have an asymmetric extraction but the fluid is so foamy it covers the bald spot you'd otherwise see under the basket, hiding behind a nice thick cone of crema.

Personally I've observed, for example, donut extractions where there is obviously zero flow through the center but the curtain of foam coalesces over it and hides it from view pretty quickly.

I agree with Lance that there is always going to be chanelling. But that doesn't mean that you should be cool with it. IMO it's fine for a basket to produce "rain", but only if the rain is of constant color across the basket and that there are no places that don't have fluid flow. If you have differing color, then you have chanelling you probably shouldn't have. If you have portions of the basket that don't flow, then you oughtta be wondering why. I don't think it's possible to have generally non-uniform and off-center flow and have a pour off the basket that coalesces into a center stream. I do think it's possible to take the idea of "rain" and misinterpret it.



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Not quite sure where to post this but it seems NORMCORE has released some baskets that are similar to the WAFO spirit. Laser cut slits instead of holes for this basket ... ter-basket

malling (original poster)

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Look like normal press fits basket just with laser cut holes, look like there is still a rather noticeable ridge with no holes.

Definitely not straight wall basket like Weber and Swork.


#155: Post by PPapa replying to malling »

Definitely some weirdness going on in the pictures, there's no choice of ridge/ridgeless yet photos show the both.

I'm also convinced that different photos show different edge ring of no holes, but it may be a bias given the inconsistency with the ridge.

Regardless, it's a welcome sign we are getting a flood of baskets. I'm still not sure we know what's going on exactly and what makes them so good, so more competition, (subjective) comparisons and price reduction is good.

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I agree it's good with some more options, but that definitely also mean one need to be more aware that there is a noticeable difference between these. That some are definitely just trying to be lucrative on the hype.

These are priced more like VST, so there definitely some concern in regards to quality and longevity in these.

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#157: Post by Capuchin Monk »

Cheaper version was brought up on the other thread including different thickness options (post #184) :arrow: WAFO baskets


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Has anyone compared the weber unibasket with the sworksdesign standard flow billet? Any preference? I was thinking about trying one of these third gen precision baskets but there are not many comparisons available other then the lance hedrick video...

Niether one seems to fit in my ecm bottomless portafilter, so I would either be getting the weber buck + unibasket or the sworksdesign bottomless portafilitler + standard flow billet basket. The weber combo is about $50 cheaper, but not a huge difference in the grand scheme of things and I rather just get the better of the two (if there even is one).

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#159: Post by Jeff »

I do like the Sworks portafilter

Which of the various third-generation baskets comes down to coffees and preferences. There isn't a lot of consensus yet, even in communities that aren't dismissive of them. Before putting $200 or so into a basket, I would try a Pullman 876 with Ahlstrom 909 filters to see if you enjoy the direction these new baskets tend to take espresso.


#160: Post by marugenji »

Right now I am using a vst basket with the weber paper filters (so I imagine similar to the pullman + ahlstrom).

I was actually leaning towards the weber portafilter... Is the sworks portafilter handle pure delrin, or is there a metal core or anything? From looking at the photos online I am wondering how securely the portafilter attaches to the handle...