New Picopresso Funnel

Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?

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Hi :)
I am using the Picopresso as my main machine at home and therefore I dont mind much upgrading it with equipment that doesnt fit its body. After trying to upgrade its tamper (for me no improvement there) and also applying a filter paper underneath the coffee puck (better flow especially cause I suffer from channeling that I couldnt solve by now, thats a different post I assume. I will upload my full workflow for a better discussion) I am looking to update the "built in" funnel (just for convenience I would say, I want to do WDT with less mess).
I am looking for a relatively - high funnel. A magnet would be a nice extra but not a must. and as budget friendly as possible. maybe someone has an experience with one (for example from Alli) and can share?
Maybe someone has another equipment idea worth trying? (that doesnt reduce coffee's body, and for the looks - I would also appreciate not reducing it's crema).