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Hey Everyone,
Long time lurker, first time poster here... but what a post to start with!

I just ordered my ECM Synchronika after a quick and insightful discussion with Tracy over at WLL :) I've spent weeks and weeks reading and watching anything and everything related to the Profitec 700 / ECM Synchronika, and man am I excited! The Synchronika will be paired with a Niche Zero Grinder which I should be getting in March.

Prior to this setup, I was using a Baratza Vairo-W and Rancilio Silvia since 2015, and a Capresso Grinder / Gaggia Classic since 2005 - long time in the making! :)

Super excited, this forum has been very helpful, and the sales experience with WLL has been fantastic - looking forward to many many many delightful drinks!

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Congrats on your purchase and looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the new machine and grinder setup. Pretty nice being close to an intelligentsia as I'm sure you'll go through a fair amount of beans as you figure out your new workflow.


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Congrats. I hope you enjoy your Synch as much as I do mine.
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Thank you all! I can't tell you how excited I am!!! WLL has shipped my baby - myyyy precious :D

I live in a rental since I recently moved back to the area, but have figured out a creative way to plumb a water filteration system to my source, and thus plumb the machine to a proper source! :)

More to come!

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Congratulations! You definitely want to make sure your "new baby" is drinking non-scaling water.


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Silvias are great little machines and the potential is always there. I used mine for 9 years exclusively before adding other machines.
The consistency from more commercial machines is so nice. And if you do milk drinks, especially consecutively, there is no comparison.