New Lelit Elizabeth owner. One question about LCC EC setting.

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I'm a brand new Elizabeth owner. Thanks to this forum for help both pre and post purchase. I have read the whole Elizabeth user experience thread. You (all) helped me make a purchase decision I've very happy with.
I updated the LCC settings using DaveC's recommendations before my first shot, and these first few shots have been great.
One question, the EC setting of 10 in the LCC Advanced Settings is the offset in Celsius used to compensate the temperature display between boiler temp and water at the group (my child-like understanding). I'm in the USA and use Fahrenheit for display to reduce guest questions when brewing. Shouldn't that EC setting of 10 be changed to a larger number (like 18?) to reflect the Fahrenheit temp scale difference??
Everything I've found says to leave this alone; no mention of Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion. Perhaps the LCC/PID does all calcs in Celsius? Anyway, my OCD won't let me alone on this.
Any definitive answer? Where did I miss reading the answer?


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Never thought about this. I am pretty sure this parameter is always in Kelvin (differences in temperatures are measured in Kelvin) and only the visible temperature ist set to Fahrenheit, all the calculations are done in Celsius.

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Thank you


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Mainly due to Gicars repeated inability to get their heads around the correct way to move the offset to a F value and having got it wrong so many times. If I remember rightly, all internal offset calcs are done in C. Hence the offset value not changing.

Really you should work in's better!

Oh congrats on the Elizabeth, a very energy efficient and super clever little machine. Especially as all hot water always comes via the brew boiler, you can have hot water even if the steam boiler is off. I have been told by Mauro at Lelit that the cafelat Silicone group gaskets work really well with it. I'd like to pick up one for mine, but I keep forgetting as it's not on the counter at the moment..

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Thanks for the reply DaveC. My OCD has been quelled.

Also, many thanks to you for all the information you've created and shared. Immeasurably helpful making my new purchase, preparing for my new machine, and starting to use it.
DaveC wrote:Really you should work in's better!
Understood, and I do work in C, but sadly my wife and guests don't. With the easy toggle of C/F in the LCC settings I can now work in C, and switch when curious eyes are around. Another great feature of my new Elizabeth!

I'll check into the silicone gasket, and maybe a bottomless portafilter, and ...



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Hopefully you found all my review documents and links to the technical stuff and other tips.

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Yes, I believe so. Massively helpful.
And, your YouTube channel/videos are helping me to educate my wife on our scary new machine (LOL). Maybe someday she'll pull her own shot.
You are a star. Thanks again.