New La Spaziale Vivaldi timer

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#1: Post by ChrisCal »

Just wondering if anyone has purchased this after market timer and how it is working?
I imagine that installing this would void any warranty but can anyone confirm?
Does the standby mode have a bigger role or reason that the company included outside of just adding a layer of complication to installing a timer?

Should I get it or just leave my machine on 24/7? ... 08SL9HW6P/

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#2: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Not sure it would. Chris Coffee is advertising it. There is a long debate on timers - does the heating from cold expansion and contraction do more harm than the low heat and usage of power. I personally use Power Save mode on my machine (not a Vivaldi but I used to have one), but many models don't have that. I think its worth a try.
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#3: Post by Kran »

I just picked one of these up from Chris Coffee, also where I purchased by vivaldi. If Chris Coffee is selling it, they also have a post about it in Marketplace, I can't imagine it would void warranty. I probably will ask just to be sure.

Right now I turn my machine on in the morning and then off when I go to bed. This will just let me put it on a timer or turn it on/off from bed.


#4: Post by GDK »

This device is not a timer, I would call it smart socket enabler. It has a simple single function: when the machine is plugged, instead of starting in stand-by mode, this device simulates On signal to the control board as it would come from the original La Spaziale timer. This is equivalent to having a machine with a mechanical on/off switch, or a machine that remembers the last state on power loss.

Having this in place would now allow you to use a smart socket and control it remotely by phone (say from work you can start the machine before you head home - in the good old days), with Google assistant or set the socket under timer control.

This is a really clever solution, many times better than the original timer.
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#5: Post by cyclezib »

If your goal is to schedule the time you want your machine to be on, and you don't want to rewire your machine, have you considered using a simple Wemo plug? ... UTF8&psc=1


#6: Post by Kran »

You can't use something like a wemo by itself with the vivaldi because when you plug it in the machine goes into standby mode. You need to hold down the power button on the keypad to turn the machine on.

The timer module the OP linked triggers the "power on" sequence of the machine once something like a wemo is activated to provide power. The linked "Power retain timer" won't allow on/off scheduling by itself but allows a smartplug to work with the vivaldi.


#7: Post by Kran »

Quick followup now that I've been using the timer for a bit. Works quite well combined with my ikea smart outlet.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you shut your smart outlet off there has to be some time, maybe a few seconds, before you can turn the smart outlet back on and have the smart timer work correctly. It seems that the smart timer needs to fully power down before it will re-engage the startup routine on the next smart outlet power on. I found this out accidentally when I did an accidental doubletap off/on using the app on my phone. May be something to keep in mind when there's a quick power flicker and if your smart outlet defaults on.