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Hi folks,
I've got a new linea mini a few days ago. I noticed that the water out of the machine smells a bit plastic-y. I can't notice it in my espresso only if I drain some water from the group head and smell the water.

Is this normal? Anyone had a similar experience?

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That's unexpected. You're talking about the brew boiler, right?

You could ask La Marzocco about it, but if you just want the smell gone, I would start by washing the water reservoir thoroughly and running 2-3x the boiler capacity of water through it. If that doesn't eliminate it, add a cup of white vinegar to the reservoir, run it until near empty, rinse the reservoir, refill and run 2-3x the boiler capacity of water through it again. If that doesn't eliminate any and all smell, I'm out of ideas -- call La Marzocco for guidance.

If it's the steam boiler, the process is close to the same, but a little more involved since you'd have to overfill the boiler to really rinse it thoroughly.
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I have the same issue with my new Linea Mini :( but have only noticed it for the steam and the hot water tap.

solonor2011 (original poster)

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Do you have the wood accents? I feel like the water smelled like the finish on those! :shock:

How long have you had your mini? I've had mine for 2 weeks now and the water smell has got significantly better.


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No, I don't have the wood accents. Just the classic one in inox colorway. I received mine around 6 weeks ago. It got better but it's far from gone.