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#1: Post by solonor2011 »

Hi folks, First post here.

I finally got my new Linea Mini today (bought directly from La Marzocco in Seattle). :)

I was a bit surprised with how the machine arrived. It wasn't dirty (i.e. used) per say. But, it was not as clean as I expected. There was dust (small paint shavings, small plastic looking things, and other small bits and pieces) on the machine and around it. Nothing that I couldn't wipe clean tbh but I was expecting something more pristine.

How has your experience been?

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I had mine delivered couple of years ago - so the milage will vary. it's an industrial work horse. I would not worry about - how does it function? Any issues with it? As it was drop shipped - maybe the dirt got in thru the shipping process..

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#3: Post by Jaroslav »

Welcome! Do you have any pictures?

Mine was shipped from Italy, arrived clean and pristine apart from this dent at the back. It seems this was caused by the pump hitting against the wall while in transit, as the dent is exactly where the pump adjustment nut is as well. I try not to blame anyone, but it was delivered by UPS.

I agreed to keep the machine and they were kind enough to send me a spanking new panel (letting me keep the old one as well).

Other than that, pristine and clean.

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Everything seems to be working well. No issues with the packaging or damage.

I have wood upgrade and the double wall steam wand on the machine so it could be that during the installation of those in the US some dirt got in there.

I don't care about the dirt on the machine as much....I'm hoping the interior of the machine is not like that and this stuff didn't get into the boilers and other parts :)