New La Marzocco Linea Mini - noisy and not heating up

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Hi guys,

I just installed a brand new Linea Mini at home. I plan to plumb it in but since I am waiting a few connectors, I figured I would get it all ready using the reservoir. I filled the reservoir with filtered (within LM spec) water, reattached the drain tray and switched on the machine. To my surprise, it was very noisy and this lasted approx. 5 minutes (I didn't time it). During this time, the red light was flashing (as expected) and the blue light was solid (as expected). When the noise stopped, the red light continued to flash and the blue light went off. I left it in this state for about 20 minutes but nothing was heating up. It is like the water isn't being sucked from the reservoir (the level has not changed) into the machine. Thinking it may be an air lock, I started investigating this and discovered there is a self priming system in new machines so I followed the steps outlined in this link but that didn't solve the issue either - the machine just done the same cycle I described initially. ( ... system.pdf).

What have I not done? In all my research this issue has not come up. I will be contacted LM Home first thing tomorrow morning. A disappointing start to Mini ownership.


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Where did you purchase your machine? When I picked up mine about a month ago, the distributor already did a full pre-check setting all the pressures and checking if everything was working. They do this on all machines that enter our country. When I arrived home it was plug & play and I was (and still am) amazed at how quiet it is.

Maybe not the most helpful comment, but I would definitely contact your retailer. I guess it should be part of the LM service
I don't want a Decent

QuareCrack (original poster)

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Quick update. I reached out to LM Home in the UK this morning as this is where I purchased my machine from. They are going to get back to me.

In the meantime, Espresso Solutions in the UK also suggested the procedure in my earlier linked PDF. Although this was unsuccessful last night, I tried it again today using a syringe. This allowed me to get water right into the hose. After about 4 cycles of filling to the ball valve, turning the machine on, turning the machine off, water was sucked from the reservoir and the pump was quiet - as I expected from initial switch on. It seems there was air in the lines and once cleared everything fired up as expected.

My machine is now fully heated and running silent!