New Izzo Valexia Espresso Machines at 1st Line

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#1: Post by cskorton »

Hi All,

Has anyone seen the new Izzo Valexia Machines at 1st Line Equipment? I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts were on them, especially the lever and hx. I think Izzo's quality is already well established in dual boilers. ... d-plumbed/ ... cessories/ ... cessories/


#2: Post by epictek »

Is the Valexia double boiler basically the Alex IV with wooden accents? It's nicer than plastic, but I've never been a fan of the rounded tip on wooden portafilter handles. Always reminded me a broom stick or something.

I don't notice any groundbreaking additions to the double boiler... same size brew boiler (.8 L) and steam boiler (1.8 L) as Alex.

It would've been nice if it came with flow control, since that seems to be the new standard at this price range.