New Faema Faemina

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#1: Post by NelisB »

A new single group Faema is introduced at @openditaliagolf.


#2: Post by Ah_J »

Thanks for sharing. Interesting to see the spec. To compare with eagle one prima.

quote from their official website:
"... (extraction temperature control, double boiler, water softening filter integrated in the water tank)..."

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#3: Post by yakster »

Geeze, I really wish they hadn't reused the name Faemina for this push-button wonder.

The Faemina is a great spring lever machine.

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#4: Post by RJB83 »

Looks like an E1P with a redesigned group head

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#5: Post by Jake_G »


That is *NOT* a Faemina...

Agree with others that this looks like either a rebadged or an answer to the Eagle 1 Prima.

I'm sure it's a fine machine, but...


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#6: Post by pham »

I daily Faemina and I wish the new one was a lever like the old one. That being said, I don't actually think this strays far from the Faemina ethos, in a way. The original Faemina to me seemed like a machine that had the strong spring, heavy duty build quality and overall feel of it's commercial lever offerings in a smaller, home-focused package. This machine really looks like a scaled down version of the modern president, so I'm sure it'll offer similar commercial feel.

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#7: Post by Jake_G »


You know the Faemina better than most. And to your point, I suppose at the time, the Faemina was the home version of what was being sold in the shops back in '53. And today the President is what the Marte/Mercurio would have been back then.

I still cringe, but you make a good point.
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#8: Post by JackHK »

Hope the machine have good spec and not another HX or non real bolier machine :?:

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#9: Post by drgary »

I agree that it is no Faemina. As a collector it just confuses the terminology and makes it harder to search and find the historic machines. At the least it could have been a very robust home lever.

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#10: Post by civ »

yakster wrote: ... wish they hadn't reused the name Faemina for this push-button wonder.
I'll leave that part to you.

But it was just my thought when I saw it posted.
It would seem like it is (sort of) just the opposite, in every sense.