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yea I have no one else that makes their own espresso and if they do, they are lower end than I am.

huge part of my reason for getting into this was to STOP going out and paying 3 or 4 dollars a day for an americano. What are grinder suggestions that can grind fine enough but maybe doing break the bank too hard? Lets say 100 to 250?

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Check the buysell forum, you might find something for $200 to $250 there that isn't terrible.
Used grinders can be okay, you may find a non-scale Sette 270 in that range. Of course you get what you pay for, you buy the cheapest of "good grinder" you will be replacing the motor and gearbox every time it wears out. Non-motorized grinders can be okay.

Think about the question "What's a good car that I can commute in every day that only costs about $3000?"
You can get some used car for the price of a go-cart but it's not going to be excellent and it's not going to last long if used as a daily driver.
Same as you can get some espresso grinder for the price of a consumer coffee grinder, but running it at its finest every day will age it quickly.