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I was just told the coffee bar will be installed December 7th. I removed the old desk and cabinet and now need to at least rough in electrical for a dedicated 20 amp and 15 amp circuit and plumbing for a sink and an espresso machine.

With a crawl space under the bar I hopefully have access to run electrical and plumbing though I need to figure out where Hot and cold water lines are and where a drain is. We have a powder room on the other side of the coffee bar wall but the plumbing is on a different wall and I'm not sure if it is routed back towards the crawl space. I'll see how far I get before needing to bring in a plumber. At least any holes I knock out of the wall will be hidden behind the bar.

She chose quartzite countertops for the coffee/wine bar to match her new kitchen countertop. Coffee and wine are the top two stain risks. I'll need to find something nice looking to place the espresso machine on to catch most of the spills and spritzing sprays.


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I did this just last year and all these suggestions are on point. I added a bar sink with a cup rinsed and that thing has been suuuuper useful.

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What is a cup rinsed? Not sure if I can add that at this point with sink and beverage center refrigerator ordered, not knowing what it means. Thanks.


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Sorry, cup rinser, autocorrect.
This is the sink:
AguaStella AS1514XGB Gunmetal Black Bar Sink with Glass Rinser Stainless Steel Undermount Prep Kitchen Sink 23-1/4 x 14 Inches Single Bowl