New Breville Barista Express not building pressure

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Just bought a new Breville Barista Express and unboxed it today. I've never done manual espresso shots before so I'm very new to this. All I understand is adjusting the grinder to dial in. I understand the grinder isn't the best on this machine but I've seen good shots from other videos. I used the original double filter it came with and tried to pull some shots. As I was adjusting, all of them were under extracted. I put the grinder to the finest setting (1) and it is still very under extracted. The pressure needle barely moves. I also bought some random bag of beans that says best by until January 2024 but bag didn't say when it was specifically roasted.

I wanted to make sure the pressure was working so I tried to look up online and people were saying to switch out the filter to the single filter and use the rubber blind filter which I did. I locked it in and ran a double shot and the pressure gauge did not move at all. Tried a single shot and it still didn't move. From my understanding it should have built pressure and the needle should be moving while backfilling to clean it out.

Am I doing something wrong or did I get a defective machine? Any help really appreciated, I'm super new to espresso shots and this was disheartening to say the least. I used up half the coffee bag pulling like 15 shots adjusting as I go and all of them were under extracted. I know I should also use a coffee scale which I'll be using but want to know if this machine is defective first before I try/buy anything else.

Edit: So I reset the machine and let it cool off for a bit and now it is building pressure. This post can be disregarded.