Need input on cafe layout, wet and dry separation vs ergonomics

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Hi guys, got a layout decision to make here, hoping i could get some insights from longtime bar owners.
So I'm trying to optimize the ergonomics by keeping the tools as close as possible,
however since the space is rather limited, i'm faced with 2 options in regards of chiller, freezer and sink location.
C = Chiller F = freezer, both are undercounter type
S = sink
Option A , chiller freezer are placed under the table, and the sink is installed on the far right side
Advantages : better ergonomics, baristas can reach stuff faster and clean faster as well.
Disadvantages : wet and dry are mixed together, since the POS area is on the far left side. (the monitors)

Option B : Chiller freezer are placed behind the table and the barista, and the sink is installed nearby
Advantages : wet and dry are separated, water plumbing installation is easier, more space below the table for inventory.
Disadvantages : less ergonomics, baristas need to turn around to clean and take stuff from chiller and freezer.

Any thoughts? How significant it would be to separate wet and dry area in the long terms, and how important it is when compared to ergonomics?