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I'm seeing that the 208F coming out of my Zojirushi is around 203
Hi there,

I'm really glad you're having fun with the TWIST.

Regarding temperatures, we tried using a couple of Zojirushis at the SCAA expo, but we found the temps to be too low. By the time the water flows out the spout, it just isn't where it needs to be. So we picked up a couple of $20 electric kettles and found them to be a better and cheaper solution. (If we are demonstrating in a cafe, we'll often pull the water from the nearest commercial espresso machine and then steam it to bring it up to a boil.)

Best results will always be had using freshly boiling water. It's so important we mention it twice in the User Guide. Just get everything nice and hot beforehand and you will have much better results.

The N2O gas doesn't really have any impact on the water temp, although that's a fair assumption. We designed the TWIST so that the gas travels from deep inside the handle up a very narrow channel through the actual twist in the TWIST. This acts as a big heat sink/radiator, helping to bring the gas up to ambient. It then hits a channel buried deep inside the walls of the water bowl that is extremely hot after a pre-heat. By the time it makes it to the top of the chamber it is nicely warmed up. It also has about 1/200th the thermal mass of the water and metal, so it really doesn't cool anything down.

By the way, Intelligentsia evaluated the TWIST very carefully before bringing it on board. Now they sell it with a free bag of Black Cat so I hope you have much better results tonight with the 'Cat' tonight. We also prefer making shots naked, with the lower spouts removed. It helps keep the temp up in the cup, and it's darned good fun. It doesn't matter so much of course for other types of espresso-based drinks. We make lattes for two with the spouts on.

Looking forward to hearing how your further experiments go.

Best regards,

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sweaner (original poster)
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Can't the Jojirushis bring the water to a full boil? i was thinking of getting one for use with a Twist and with my Clever Coffee Dripper.
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The zojirushi's boil the water and then keep the temp at a constant 208 / 195 / 185 (or whatever -- I'm not standing in front of the zoji for the exact temps). The temperatures depend on the model you buy.

For french press, the zojis are awesome.


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sweaner wrote:Can't the Jojirushis bring the water to a full boil? i was thinking of getting one for use with a Twist and with my Clever Coffee Dripper.
I use a Pino digital kettle pro... it too does a true boil then holds at a slightly lower temp, 209... getting it back to a boil only requires a double button press and waiting a few seconds (depending on quantity of water). It lets you set temp in one degree increments (although the stat cycles within a 3 percent window, mandating familiarization)... goes well on the counter with stainless/black appliances... and only runs for about 60-70 bucks. It certainly feels cheaper than any Zoji, but I've had zero issues with mine after 7-8 months of moderate use.

EDIT: There's also the Digital Express which has the temp control built right onto the kettle (no separate base)... seems to have the same performance specs, and goes for $30...

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I keep wondering if the right answer isn't 2 kettles, one digital one to use as a heat soak bath for the chamber and another for the water, that way you could get consistency and really find the sweet spot. I know it sort of defeats the ease of using the Twist, but well, we wouldn't be here if we wanted easy.


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Joe Blowe

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bobbytuck wrote:Anyway, my experience continues to be that the temperature control is crazy variable. I've got a thermapen that I use for my homebrewing, and I'm seeing that the 208F coming out of my Zojirushi is around 203.
Another deep lurker emerging for a first appearance! :D

I have a 5-liter Zoji, and you are correct in stating that the temperature of the water coming out of the spout is not 208F.

However, and I just confirmed this with my own Thermapen, the water inside the holding tank is 208F; so the display is accurate.

If you were to hit the Reboil button right before use, and then pop the top and use a ladle to get the water directly from the tank, you could probably eliminate a few degrees of degradation, so to speak.