Moving from Lelit Bianca to La Marzocco Linea Mini

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#1: Post by croikee »

Have any of you made the transition from a Bianca to a Linea Mini?

For context, I cut my teeth on a Linea in a cafe so there is nostalgia there. I realize I'd lose flow profiling, which I rarely utilize. Its also a few grand more.

What I feel I would gain is a robust local support network and a machine known to be consistent and reliable.

Not sure about anyone else here, I've had issue after issue with my Bianca in the 2+ years I've owned it. I'm in southern california, and now the current issue is requiring me to ship it back to Clive Coffee. $200+ to get it there. The local repair shops won't touch Biancas due to the fact they've received numerous Biancas to fix with little support from Lelit. Anecdotal and not meant to assume everyone's experience is the same.

The Mini would be plumbed in, and yes we use quality water.

Curious for anyone's experiences, I see threads on the two vs. each other but no owner experiences transitioning to the Mini.

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#2: Post by Coffeechiro »

I recently got a mini last month and had the Bianca v3 prior.
The mini is a significant step up in performance, built and aesthetics. It feels a lot more powerful vs the Bianca and the steam power is incredible.
It is however twice the cost of the Bianca so one would naturally expect the improvements. If you got the budget I say go for it but don't forget the grinder is more important. I use kafatek MAX2 and mc6.

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#3: Post by Ging3rBen replying to Coffeechiro »

Out of interest do you miss the flow control or feel the mini is lacking anything compared to it in that regard?

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I absolutely love the flow control on the Bianca. I bought the mini with the intention of adding flow control later after the 2 year warranty.
But once you have dial in the grind, the mini makes better espresso than the Bianca.

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#5: Post by Ging3rBen »

Interesting, thanks

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#6: Post by B2uatk »

Can you check that you actually have lots of good local support for the Mini? I feel (cannot say I know as I can only talk about my local are) that there aren't enough folks who also support LM non-commercial clients. Most of them are busy taking care of cafe's and private folks like us - get support after the fact. Mine was not available for over 2 weeks as it was deprioritized for service..BUT given the new MiniR, and if you can find the previous model at a good discount then I would jump on it..

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#7: Post by Jimmy_The_Saint »

I had a Bianca and then bought a LM.

18 happy months later and it's just an absolute joy to own and use. Build quality is on another level and you're buying a machine from a 100 year old company with a great service network.

I didn't really use flow control after the initial novelty wore off. It's nice to have I guess but I just didn't use it so I don't miss it.

I'm not sure what it is, possibly temp stability, but the LM is very forgiving, and even with fairly careless puck prep it'll put out consistently very good shots. I've been making espresso at home for 15 years or more and whilst every machine I've had is more than capable of fantastic coffee, it's almost harder to get a bad shot out the LM than a good one.

It's also much easier/quicker to maintain than an E61. I swapped the group gasket and screen (unnecessary) along with a fairly detailed inspection at 12 months and it's all good as new.

I can't see ever upgrading to be honest.

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#8: Post by mmg »

Can I ask why not a Micra? It saves you a bit of money and is a newer design.
By the way, I have been using a Micra with modded flow control and I can't say I would miss it if it wasn't modded.