Mocking up water for plumbed NS Musica

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Hello folks!

I recently got my hands on a free (very likely broken, hopefully repairable) Nuova Simonelli Musica. It has a line to plumb in and no reservoir. I'm in the process of diagnosing and attempting repairs; is there a standard way to hook it up to an existing line, maybe some kind of adaptor to (temporarily) connect it to my faucet? Was thinking I would invest in plumbing it in properly if/when I get it working.

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I've temporarily done this by attaching it to my utility sink faucet that had threads for a hose. You just need to figure out what are all the fittings needed, which a local hardware store should carry.

Do you have the hose that goes into the machine? That has non US threading so it'll be harder to get locally.

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Thanks nguye569!

I ended up being able to just put in a temporary tank and stick the hose (which thankfully did come with the machine) in there - bit of a hassle to prime it initially but it works fine for testing.