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#11: Post by StoicDude »

No idea about Decents work flow and manufacturing, however, if I have a problem with Decent, I know where to go and what answer I'll get.

Same with Mazzer which has exceptional customer service.

Trying to talk to the "white label" will be a bit more difficult.

Either way, your money, your desires and your perceived results.

For all I know, this thing could be the latest and greatest in espresso. Maybe 10 years down the road we can revisit this and see how it turned out.

Overall, I'm glad there is an option with those features, however I am skeptical. That's all.

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Latest and greatest? Dunno about that. I know the folks eager to buy the Sanremo You or Rocket Appartamento or Linea Mini won't have any use for this machine. Then again, one could purchase three of these, AND add dimmers to them, for the cost of the LaMarzocco flow control addition alone. Which, if I understand it correctly, also requires making modifications to an electrical system.

What I do know is that given everything else available at or around this price point, it does "check (almost!) all the boxes" by comparison. And as long as the boiler and thermoblock are reasonably well made, which is not that difficult to do, all the rest of the off-the-shelf components are pretty well established elsewhere. In-boiler heating elements? Old hat. Switches? Wires? Thermostats? Same. PID? I installed an off the shelf used one of those in my old ViaVenezia, and it works great. Can't imagine the one installed on the Apex would somehow be bad. I'd certainly take a chance on this Apex before going for, say, a Breville or DeLonghi.

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#13: Post by Bean_Thinking »

Given the degree of obsession that people approach various aspects of this hobby, I'm surprised that it isn't widely known where the various DF grinders actually originate from. That must be a pretty interesting story (from a non-coffee perspective, too).

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#14: Post by Jeff »

I only half-joke when I describe the DF64 as "What do you expect from a company that makes household vacuum cleaners?"

These kind of machines are nothing new on Taobao, AliExpress and the like, including customization of the machine and its packaging for wholesale orders. You can even get shameless visual copies of La Marzocco, Synesso, Slayer, ...

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From their website: CEME has always been a reference point for the ironing and steam cleaning world.

CEME is, of course, the parent company of ULKA.
What do you expect from a company that makes parts for household ironing?

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#16: Post by StoicDude »

Looking at the espressooutlet site, they have the machine even discounted for 389 or 449 depending on what coupon you get.

Very good deal in my opinion just based on price.

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#17: Post by Pflunz »

This seems to be the CRM3007g which can be bought quite cheap directly in China. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/ ... 36700.html
I know some guys used the same machine for their Kafmasino One project.

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#18: Post by BKH »

Definitely cool to have options like this at this low price these days compared to what was available just 10+ years ago.