The Meticulous Home Espresso Machine (Kickstarter)

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#1: Post by beer&mathematics »

Just saw this and found it super interesting. Brian Quan made a first look video about a new machine tentatively called The Meticulous Home Espresso Machine.

No boiler, spring activated by a motor, silent, good looking. I'm definitely intrigued!

I love open boiler designs since it wastes so little water. Kickstarter is going to launch March 15 so a long time to go before it's out in people's hands.
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#2: Post by p4lxrich »

Saw this too. I'm pretty impressed by this. I just got a decent so I like this type of approach


#3: Post by Kmgeorge88 »

Any idea on the Kickstarter cost?


#4: Post by heytchap »

$1500 per the video.


#5: Post by loscorrales replying to heytchap »

Where can you see it?


#6: Post by heytchap »

The first post here


#7: Post by randyh »

I must say this is quite impressive. Decent level control over your shot at 1/2 the price and with the added benefit of a piston driven mechanism that is simpler, should be more reliable, and is quiet! all that is lacking is steaming capability. Only question I have is can you do intra-shot temperature profiling, like mimicking a lever declining temp profile?


#8: Post by Kmgeorge88 »

Thanks! Sometimes it's hard for me to pay attention to all of Brian's videos since most of them are shot live without much editing. I watched most of it but must have skipped that part on price.

I don't think you can do any temperature profiling. I saw that you can input room temperature or hot water into the group and then let the machine's heaters take it from there. But whatever the group water temperature is, is what you get.

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beer&mathematics (original poster)

#9: Post by beer&mathematics (original poster) »

Agreed it seems to be me of the main strengths is the temperature stability. But I'm sure it's something they might test if enough people deem this important. But maybe they can program a declining temp curve.
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#10: Post by Jeff »

As a heads-up, there are several patents that may come into play around both the apparent method of making espresso and the incorporation of a scale with an espresso machine. I'd look into those claims before investing.

Edit: I'm not intending to be a nay-sayer or a DE die-hard here. I hope that the machine is non-infringing so that there is some meaningful competition in the flow-profiling space.