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#51: Post by bbender716 »

I wonder if this is the equivalent of essentially placing a BPlus mesh as a shower screen. I love the BPlus I'm using currently and think I might snag one of these to compare...


#52: Post by lucasd »

Before I was using 35u IMS and tested with a top paper filter (no difference detected).
In a comparison bottom paper filter, big difference.

So I assume the water flow would be similar. However, bplus mesh also reduces headspace, which has some other effect.

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#53: Post by Menissalt »

Anyone know if this is still coming to market? Updates seem to have stopped.


#54: Post by almagoro »

hi all,
the matrix is set for production this month.
we've had some logistic delays in overseas shipments that made a bit of a mess.
by some time next month, we expect them to be available.

in the meantime, if there's anymore feedback from the users that already have it, please share with the forum.

thank you!


#55: Post by Menissalt »

We're nearing the end of the month, any updates for us? I'm excited to try this out.