MARO Model 1 (Kickstarter)

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#1: Post by Splatcat »

Has anyone seen one of these yet ? It looks like a nice machine. ... g-espresso


#2: Post by mctrials23 »

Crickey, I assumed they were targeting the cheaper end of the market but its €4600 on kickstarter.

Thats a lot of money to gamble with and not really know what on earth you are buying. Seems to be going down the decent route but at quite a premium especially considering the lack of info.


#3: Post by RyanP »

The perfect balance of pressure, flow profile, and temperature for not just decent, but awesome coffee!

Nice looking machine though. Will be interested to see if it delivers on the promises and proves reliable.

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#4: Post by HB »

Hmm-m, they say it will be 5200€ full retail (NB: available in EU only). That's a lot of coin to gamble on a highly proprietary design from a company that may not exist in a few years. :?
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#5: Post by yoshi005 »

They presented their machine during an extensive teams-meeting a week ago, which can be found on YouTube:
Very impressive. And the following link shows the temperature curve of a shot:
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