Manual vs Auto espresso machines?

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Hello everyone,

As I sit with my double double shot latte and stare at my usual ever to be improved latte art topping. I have been thinking about present day 'manual' machines with dual boilers, pid and pressure control etc vs a machine like the Decent which is literally plug and play.

I went out with my brother in law one day off roading. He is a world class overlander who has been featured in magazines and television interviews among many other accolades.

His truck is meant for anything and everything nature can throw at it. Short of a tornado picking it up and hurling it across state lines.

He can cross pretty much any terrain regardless of conditions etc. The way he worked his machine manually was not just impressive but unbelievable.

Now, in comparison, I have been driving the new Land Rover Defender. It has every bell and whistle on it. We took it off road and with the right 'program' selection. The Defender crossed the same terrain with little to no effort. It even gassed and braked to cross certain terrain.

So. The point?

I love my semi manual coffee set up. There is a sense of creation with something that oneself manipulates to get the result. Like crossing a river or descending a steep loose gravel road. Similar to what my brother does in his vehicle.

The Decent, to me, is like my Defender. Really not a whole lot of skill nor experience to get to the same place. This is not a jab by any means to the Decent. I've read great things about it. And the users cannot praise it enough.

What makes me wonder is how the 'manual' machines will need to improve to not lose to the Decent and others like it.

Will manual machines be a special order like my friends M5 who not only had to specifically request a manual transmission. But had to pay extra for it. Will all makers eventually drift towards a Decent function.

Dunno. It will be fun to watch though.