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HB wrote:I doubt burnt, bitter, scorching-hot espresso is the sole reason behind the lackluster popularity of the McCafe concept in our region. Well, it could have something to do with it.
The kid did say that you couild get anything there that they had at Starbucks!
OTOH, I do like that you started that conversation. I think that (without follow-up) you may have just left everyone there with more questions. I had a bit of a convo with the Black Apron at the SB on my bike route, and he had no idea that there was a window of freshness on roasted beans. We chatted a while, and I described holding on to his Black Apron Exclusive delivery for two weeks (he had to call to find out that they are roasted in Nevada, two to three days prior to him getting the delivery in Tucson, when I asked how long since they'd been roasted) was tantamount to opening a beer and leaving it on the table for a coupla days.
I never insulted him, and encouraged him to call me with questions. I also explained to him that most of the knowledge I gave him would be something I parroted back from this forum, CG, or other similar websites, and that I'd also been a true novitiate before I found these pages. I expect to see Steve posting here soon, with many questions.
As it turns out, he cares, and has an interest in coffee. Learning new things, he will invariably pass them on to his peers and his employees, and the coffee (at least at that one location) at Starbucks will get just a little better.
Oh, and if you care, the reason I was in there was because someone gave me a Starbucks Card. I decided that I'd try the Kopi Kompang Black Apron Exclusive beans. It wasn't worth it.

So, have any of you found that a gentle nudge towards 'True Believer' makes a difference in your local baristi performance?
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I say just stop teaching your employees about customer service - without the extra two days McD's likely spends making sure their new employee doesnt wind them up with a lawsuit they could teach them how to use the equipment they have!

I don't care if they tell me to "Have an awful day" as long as they serve good coffee :P


P.S. I dont actually seriously expect them to though....