Maintenance on Silvia and K3 Touch and best use

Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?

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This is my first post, please have patience.

Just over a year ago I bought used equipment. Rancilio Silvia (2010) model and a Compak K3 Touch Polished. I use Koffee Kult Dark Roast, I like it because I have issues with acidity and tannins. I get extreme heartburn from a lot of beans and many liquors/wines aged in oak.

I bought my espresso machine and grinder used from a couple that wanted a more simplified grinder/espresso machine. I got both for $100 (yay me)

Before I started using it I replaced Silvia gasket and screen, which was just over a year ago. I have never done any maintenance on the grinder. The grinder has an issue with the touch lever. It does not always work properly. Sometimes does not activate and sometimes doesn't stop. A year ago I did a little research and saw that I can replace the lever/switch but have since lost that info. I have been content using the on/off switch to grind my coffee.

I use the machine daily. I make at least one double espresso latte (usually iced) every morning. Often times I make a 2nd to take with me to work and sip on throughout the day. In the winter months I make many more steamed lattes. I work outdoors so my drinks are usually the opposite of whatever temperature I'm working in :P I do occasionally have straight espresso, but usually those are special occasions when I have company.

My questions are what beyond changing the gasket/screen will extend the life of my equipment? What can I do to make the best brews possible?

I remember reading about weighing my grounds for consistency. I own a digital scale but have not used it for that purpose. I read about installing a PID but I don't remember the details. I am a technician/salesman and skilled with my hands. I am comfortable with tools and regularly take broken appliances apart. If I can't fix them I at least learn a little.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated! :)