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Hello everyone,
I recently purchased an EC-685 (De'longhi) as an entry level portafilter machine, and I was wondering what's the proper way to rinse it after pulling a shot..
Is rinsing the group head while discarding the puck enough to keep it clean? Or is there anything else?


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Does this machine have a pressurized portafilter?

My routine with a standard porta filter:

Knock the puck, press the brew button, rinse the portafilter in the brew flow, brush the dispersion screen and gasket, re rinse the portafilter, stop the brew, replace the portafilter. This sounds like a long drawn out process, but really only takes a few seconds.

If the portafilter is pressurized, I'd follow the same procedure but replace the portafilter and let the water flow for a second or two before stopping.

Back flush with cafiza once a week.

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UriSBN (original poster)

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Much appreciated! Thank you


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I do a rinse, microfiber wipe, rinse sandwich.

UriSBN (original poster)

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Also fantastic, thanks!