Luminaire Shot Timer on La Marzocco Linea Micra

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[Edit: changed my mind on mounting location for LCD.]

I installed this Luminaire shot timer, and figured I would create a post to show how simple it is. The LCD display has magnets so you can stick it anywhere on the outside of the metal chassis. It's just a matter of deciding where, and how you want to route the wire.

First, I tried routing the wire under the top plate like in the photo. This requires removing the back of the LCD (2 screws) and shifting the wire up to stick out of the top of the LCD. You could probably make a small notch or hole in the chassis to make more space for the wire.

I changed my mind and decided I did not like it running under the plate. I returned the wire to the stock position on the underside of the LCD, and routed it like this instead. The wire is not too visible.

This install is super simple. Turn off and unplug the machine, allowing it to cool to be on the safe side. Then, remove the top plate (4 flathead screws) and locate the solenoid. You can hold it there with your finger just to test the switch to make sure the sensor picks it up. Then, use the included sticky tape to secure the clip. The sensor just snaps in/out of the clip.

Here's a video clip:


#2: Post by KKUK »

Very cool. This just inspired me to order a Shades of Coffee ChronoQube which works in the same way.


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How does it do with pre-brew time? I assume it'll start counting when pre-brew starts then start from 0 when it continues?

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iploya (original poster)

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Great question. I just tried it and that's exactly how it works.


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Fit my Shades ChronoQube today. I'm mounting it with a 360' dual magnet phone holder (the one photographed is a homemade shot mirror using the same type of holder) which allows me to run the cable out of the corner of the top panel.