Lucca M58 - First Impressions/Questions for Synchronika owners

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Postby Jetfuel » Feb 24, 2018, 2:21 pm

Good Morning HB,

I received my Lucca M58 yesterday, and Id like to share some of my initial thoughts for those that are considering this machine. Special shout out to Cannonfodder for the amazing woodwork.

Setup: Lucca M58
Grinder: Sette 270W with 2 shims
Basket: 20g VST ridgeless
Tamp: Pullman Big Step
Coffee: a few different selections from Counter Culture

Shipping/packaging was pretty good, box was damaged by UPS and machine was banged up a bit as a result. Clive will be sending me a swap out this week. They have been great to work with. I will not be discussing any flaws from the shipping damage as that is unfair to Clive. I am taking the weekend to decide whether to replace it with another M58 or an ECM Synchronika.

Fit and Finish: shipping damage aside this is a gorgeous machine. Panel work is nice, fitment is great everywhere but the drip tray. On that note the drip tray is a real disappointment. I used some adhesive pads to help the alignment of the tray on the rails, the slop does not appear to be from any shipping damage. The insert is thin and there is a lot of play. The mesh flexes a lot and is almost screen like. The only other "detraction" is the amount of flex in the grouphead when locking in the PF. This is my first E61 so maybe this is standard across the board, Id love to hear some feedback from other M58 owners as well as Synchronika owners.

Performance: I have been able to pull several tasty shots nearly back to back and steam up some lattes for the wife. Controls are a joy to use. I really like the PID both in function and placement.

Questions for HB

1. Is grouphead/face panel "flex" normal? for those that own a Synchronika do you have this issue?
2. Do your PFs lock in more at a 5-5:30 position vs straight 6?
3. Does anyone have experience with both the M58 and Synchronika, if so would you consider it a worthwhile upgrade?



Postby frackh » Feb 24, 2018, 6:03 pm

These were the two machines I was debating on before settling on the ECM, but no on-hands experience w/ the Lucca.

As for the group head flex, I've never noticed it but I just check, there's maybe .5mm flex, which is nothing. Pretty solid all the way around. The drip tray does have a slight play, maybe 1-2mm in all four directions. The PF locks around 6:30, so not quite straight line yet but the machine is only a couple of months old. Overall, I'm super pleased with how solid the machine has been.


Postby F1 » Feb 24, 2018, 6:36 pm

I have owened a Lucca M58 and currently own a Profitec Pro 700 which is a Synchronica inside. From personal experience I agree that Clive's customer service is top notch.

The flex that you mention will exist on both.
The shot flavor will be the same on both.
To me the Lucca is the better looking machine. The Synchronica is better looking than the Profitec 700.

Internals. The Profitec/Synchronica is way more organized and easier to work with if needed. If you are handy then this may be a non issue.

If I had to choose between the three I would choose the Synchronica.

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Postby marlodmb » Feb 24, 2018, 7:18 pm

I'm pretty sure my Lucca M58 flexes as much as my ECM Classika PID did. I'll check after my theatre show and confirm.

Only issue I had with my drip pan was it has a really slow leak from the drain plug which is a easy fix but haven't gotten to it yet.. it's that minor. So really no complaints.

My portafilter I stop at 6 o'clock but can go past it a little more. Haven't had one issue with it.