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clc12rock wrote:Funny, I was about to start a similar thread and this was at the top of the first page. My pressure has been dropping the past few weeks and got down to like 3 bar the past couple days. Finally opened up the machine and replaced 5 O Rings: 3 on the steam boiler and 2 on the brew boiler. Just pulled a shot and replacing the o rings got it back up to 7ish. Also went through the cleaning cycle with the blind basket and it got up to 8 bars.

What are these seals you are buying?

Also, would this fit my machine? https://caffewerks.com/collections/gask ... ket-bundle

I think mine is the 920 or something, so I assume that's the right one, but just wanted to confirm before I pulled the trigger.
Lucien, there are better resources than I to answer your query. I ran a shot with the top open, flashlight poised. I saw no leaks nor heard any hissing, etc. Probably not definitive, but I'm not nearly as far off as you. Michael Wolf suggested I check the Niche's motor bolts..as they might have loosened a bit, as his did.
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