Long Term Storage of Espresso Machine

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I currently own a Profitec Pro 500 and currently deciding to have it in storage for at least 3 years because I am moving overseas.

If I do have it in storage, what do I need to do? I know that I need to empty the line out completely of water.. But does that mean I have to disconnect the lines and empty that way?

Is it safe to have it stored for 3+ years?

Any help would be awesome! Thank you

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For that long of storage and especially if there's any chance of freezing, I would drain the boiler(s), too. You can remove one of the fittings on top of the boiler and use flexible tubing to syphon water out.

Also from the FAQ:

Long Term Espresso Machine Storage
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Advice about bringing an espresso machine out of storage?
Dan Kehn

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HBl, Dan's recommendations are excellent.

There was one written by cyclones:
cyclones wrote:I would thoroughly clean and backflush it first, then I would drain the boiler, and then any water lines should probably be drained as well. To take the lines apart you will need a flare wrench set. backflushing and draining the boiler are absolute musts.
This also is an excellent idea...

In addition I would loosen up certain water lines and use compressed air to flush out any other residual water in the HX, the pump,
and other particular areas where water might settle.

The less water that is not residing in a stagnant atmosphere in your espresso machine for long term storage the better will be the outcome.