Lelit PL62S - milky-white water comes out.

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#1: Post by auc6epr »

Hi All, I'm suddenly noticed that the water coming out of the boiler has a milky hue, I'm always use pure and bottled water and the water tank is absolutely clean. I ran it several times, but the water still remained unchanged white. There is also a white sediment on the bottom. Machine was used for only a year.
Are there any clues about this "phenomenon" ?

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#2: Post by Smo »

Most likely it is scale.
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Using hot water tap to manage steam boiler water concentration
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#3: Post by Smo »

After the appearance of the photo, it became unclear where the water came from.

From a boiler or group (heat exchanger)?

auc6epr (original poster)

#4: Post by auc6epr (original poster) »

Sorry, I have not specified. Water comes from a boiler.


#5: Post by Smo »

And what is the water from the group?

What is the mineral composition of your bottled water?

auc6epr (original poster)

#6: Post by auc6epr (original poster) »

From the group it's looks better,
I think the same milk water is "sprinkling" from the steam wand.

mg / litter

Calcium 80
Magnesium 19
Potassium 5.5
Sodium 6.5
Chloride 170
Sulfur 18
Carbohydrates 10
Fluoride 0.3

I'm always using original lelit resin water softener.


#7: Post by Smo »

I think you need to use distilled water for a few days.
The taste of the coffee will not be affected much.
And when everything is back to normal, you need to think about water, which does not give scale. Unfortunately, the Lelit filter does not guarantee this.

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#8: Post by Smo »

My correspondence with lelit support:
I know you have a water specialist.
Can I use distilled water + NaHCO3 40 mg / l?
in our opinion, it is better to use 80 mg / l instead of 40.


#9: Post by ojt »

If I'm understanding this correctly the Chloride levels are way too high in the water you use, and may even cause issues with the softener. Maybe some of the water experts will chime in.

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#10: Post by homeburrero » replying to ojt »

The cloudiness and sediment from the water tap is likely due to concentration in the boiler from using the steam wand and not offsetting that by draining water from the boiler. See that link that Smo provided earlier: Using hot water tap to manage steam boiler water concentration
Yes, that 170 mg/L level of chloride ion is sky high. Chloride is a corrosion concern and, unlike chlorine, it is not reduced by any of the usual filtration systems. The only practical treatment is a reverse osmosis system. La Marzocco, for example, advises RO when the water has 30-50 mg/L or higher chloride. Synesso recommends RO when it's above 15 mg/L.

That water is pretty awful - your easiest solution will be to use bottled water, or to make up your own water using distilled or otherwise purified water that you spike with tiny amount of minerals. Here's an example: Easiest way to make rpavlis water? . See the water forum for more.
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