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#11: Post by ash4889 »

BTW did anyone get a selling price on the Lelit Mara PL62 yet? :|


#12: Post by Beenbag »

Well. in Australia they are Au$2400 ..
..so by normal Au/US pricing protocols, that should put them at about US $1500 ! :roll: :?

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#13: Post by ash4889 »

Thanks :D :D

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#14: Post by ash4889 »

Someone shared a nice video of a Lelit Mara PL62 on YouTube, let me know what you think about it?


#15: Post by DeGaulle »

That is a real prosumer cutie by the looks of it. It has an even slightly smaller footprint than my Bezzera. Heater duties are similar (1400 W) and steaming power seems abundant. In terms of practicality (size, warm-up time) they are very similar.
The dual pressure gauge is also nice to have for monitoring your extraction. The pump seems a bit more noisy in comparison when running at extraction pressure, but it may be the camera/phone was very close to the machine.
The E61 group has the advantage of some extended pre-infusion. Incredible to see an E61 HX machine of such small size and it really looks well-built with nice finishing.

I would be curious about how consistent it is with respect to temperature. The first review on this thread says no long cooling flush is required.

At this end of the pond this machine is available online for EUR. 1100,-, but I'd still be hesitant of such a purchase without being able to talk to a retailer first.

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Dexter Bob

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I purchased this from 1st-Line a couple of months ago for $1400. Great machine with a couple of quirks: First there is no way to check the reservoir level, no sight gauge, etc. I use a "chopstick-dipstick" 8) . As stated previously, the audible water alarm will stop the flow. Second: The drip tray is a drip box and is not removable, making cleaning the shot discharge a pain. I solved that by placing a small glass dish under the removable grate, easy fix. The machine heats up quickly at around 20 minutes. I have the PID style so I can see what the boiler temp is. The machine came with the PID set to Celsius but 1st-Line got the conversion procedure from LeLit to switch to Fahrenheit. The portafilters (comes with two) are heavy duty and well made. Comes with a REAL TAMPER :P . I am still dialing in the shots but so far so good. High bling factor and fits well under a wall cabinet on the counter. I am a happy camper :lol:


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The drip tray is a drip box and is not removable
Are you sure?
*image credits: http://s408.photobucket.com/user/ash488 ... t=3&page=1


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I've had mine ~ 2 weeks.
On my Mara:
The drip box/tray is removable.
The boiler is insulated so no chassis overheating.
The flow did not stop when the low water alarm sounded.

This is my first machine of this type and I like it. It offers a lot for the price.
Keep in mind that no one on this forum has lower abilities/standards than I.


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I should be starting a new thread for this but since the machine is so brand new in the US I will pose the question here.

As part of a "review" I will offer, I have a difficult time telling what is the actual (an appropriate) temperature at the group head, since this model's PID programs boiler temperature. I estimated there would be roughly a 20-30 degree F differential between the boiler and the group head but when the boiler PID starts at 230 and goes to 260, it makes me wonder if there isn't a larger delta Temp between the two. I am still experimenting with this and currently have mine at a middle of the road setting at 245F boiler temp, which seems to be producing quite tasty shots.

Any recommendations or guidance on this? This one thing aside I absolutely love the machine.



#20: Post by OldmatefromOZ » replying to p.white »

Hi there,

The PID on your HX machine just replaces the pressurestat. Pressurestat usually control boiler pressure somewhere around 1 to 1.2bar mark. The PID gives you flexibility to experiment with making changes to the boiler pressure without going into the insides of the machine. Any changes you make will take some time to show up at the group.

Group temps are a result of the boiler pressure coupled with how the HX / thermosyphon loop flows along with the mass of the e61 group.