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With E61s you are not getting a saturated or actively controlled group. You will get shots within about a 2C window. This is true with a DB E61 or the Mara X. Monitoring the group head temp and flushing will get you the same precision on an HX E61. No amount of tweaking will get you any closer, since the group responds too slowly to control inputs, and drifts in temperature during the shot and recovery.

Being able to have three 2C windows, cool, medium and hot, for making shots, has always been enough control for me. The Mara X, with its three settings performs the same in this respect as DB E61s, since the 1F or !C settings on their PIDs only sets the average of the 2C shot window People who need more precision should get another machine.
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Should I time my shots from first drip on the Mara or from the moment I raise the lever? The pre-infusion is 10-12s for me so ideal time from lever pull is mostly around 40s, which seems way off from what you'd see online. I know it doesn't matter as long as I time from the same point consistently, but I find it tough to compare notes online with my longer times

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Have had the machine for about 9 months. I'm beginning to notice some issues with the second shot. Here is the sequence

1) froth milk
2) pull shot. so far so good
3) clean porta filter (1 gap?)
4) froth milk (1-2 min?)
5) pull shot: machine clogs up with same amount of coffee and grind setting.

This sequence is very reproducible

Is the group head cooing that much between the shots?



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