Lelit MaraX- Did I get a lemon?

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Hi. This might be a little bit of a rant out of frustration with my MaraX, but I did want to compare other users experience with this machine. Before starting, I should say that I have been pleased with the MaraX both in terms of daily operation and coffee quality when the machine is actually operational.

I bought my MaraX in August 2020 (~9 months ago) and had to deal with a leaky pressure gauge right from opening. In January (4 months later), the heating element went out and needed to be replaced. Today, one of the pilot light bulb went out. I know this is a very minor issue, but it still annoys me. I expected the machine would need maintenance and routine upkeep, but I didn't expect different components to go out every 3 months, especially for a brand new machine. My local retailer has been a great resource and helped change these components promptly with no issue, but it is still a 2+ hour drive each time. Have you also experience some component failure within a few months or is it just me? Eager to find out more about your initial experience with Lelit MaraX.


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#2: Post by GregoryJ »

Hi Marc,

It does sounds like you've had more than your fair share of problems in the 1st year, but hopefully you'll be done 5+ years now. You're at the whim of statistics with all of the components, if they make enough of them, some of them will fail. On the one hand that's a long drive, on the other it's nice that you don't have to pack up the machine and ship it to get the work done. Some retailers will send you the part you need under warranty and talk you through the repairs, something to keep in mind if you feel like it's something you can easily handle.

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#3: Post by jgood »

No experience with Mara X but it seems like a lot of issues. I have a QuickMill Carola (espresso only) and have had no issues in 3 years. About 1 year ago I got the companion steamer - the gauge was a little loose when I got it but functionally it was fine. After a while it annoyed me so I took off the case and it was a very quick fix. Hopefully you've gotten everything straightened out and will have a trouble free machine. There is some maintenance with a machine -- I just replaced the gasket where the portafilter fits in -- but that's routine maintenance not a repair.


#4: Post by pezzi »

I hope this was just a statistical aberration, and things will be smooth brewing from here on out. I invested in a quality machine (relative to my budget) that is hopefully fixable in the long run - QuickMill 67 less than a year ago and just had to replace a thermo sensor on the steam boiler. The dealer was super helpful and quickly shipped me the part.

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#5: Post by HB »

I agree, it sounds like a lot of unexpected headaches for a reliable brand (Lelit). Given your concerns, I would ask the vendor about extending the warranty an additional year. That should not be an unreasonable request and would give you confidence that you won't be left in a lurch.
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