Lelit Mara X - replacing steam wand tip

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#1: Post by dandua98 »

I was cleaning my steam wand tip recently and there's a white pipe in the Teflon body of the wand from where the steam comes. I didn't check this when taking the tip out but does the tip of the pipe need to go as deep as possible in the steam wand before locking it in? I did notice that fully inserting the internal pipe in the wand tip makes it easier for me to swirl milk (something I was struggling with before) but aeration is too aggressive, so not sure what the right way is

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#2: Post by Jeff »

There's typically two o-rings on "no-burn" steam tips, one inside the bore that seals to the tubing, and on at the end of the threads that is intended to keep milk out of the threads. As long as the tubing passes through that inner o-ring, it should be "sealed". You need to be careful not to displace that inner o-ring when installing the tip.

Sometimes, the tubing from the manufacturer is a bit too long and goes all the way to the depths of the tip, partially obstructing one or more holes. Some careful measurement might show that to be part of the issue.

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#3: Post by ira »

The white pipe is there to keep you from burning yourself on the wand. On my machine, Brewtus II the pipe fits quite snugly in the tip. I've never pulled the other end, but I assume it does the same at the top. If steam can travel outside the white pipe, you'll probably find the wand getting hot. If the steam is to powerful, don't open the valve so far or maybe get a different tip with fewer or smaller holes.


dandua98 (original poster)

#4: Post by dandua98 (original poster) »

The issue isn't that the steam travels outside of the inner pipe, I'm just curious how far in the end of the inner white pipe should go in the tip of the wand. Should the end of the inner pipe be barely in the wand tip or as far in as it can go?

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#5: Post by ira »

in mine it probably goes in 3/16 to 1/4"


#6: Post by JRising »

If you look in the tip, you'll see where the o-ring is in the groove. The tip of the teflon is cut off at an angle to make it go in easy. It has to go in far enough that the short side of the cut goes past the o-ring. So long as you haven't oulled on it and pulled it off the fitting at the ball and socket end of the steam wand, it should naturally go in to the correct depth.
I have cleaned hundreds of steam tips and never seen that teflon (Or silicon in some) tube out of position unless I have messed around at the upper end.