Lelit Mara X - Plastic taste from hot water

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I just made my first americano using new my Lelit Mara X. The hot water wand imparted a very strong plastic taste. I have it on the highest temp setting. Is this normal? Does this go away over time? Is there anything I can do to speed that up?



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I had a similar experience!

How new is your Mara X? Have you actually flushed some water through the service boiler which is where both steam and hot water taps are fed from?

There is a train of thought to suggest you should not use the hot water from this type of machine for actually making drinks - topping up an espresso to Americano or tea etc. - as over time it will start to have a high level TDS especially if you use the steam function regularly.

You are probably just detecting some manufacturing residue from the boiler and pipework so I would suggest flushing the boiler as the first thing to try - get the machine up to temperature then switch it off - let it cool down a bit (say 15 minutes) then open the water tap and let it run into a jug until empty (not too fast a flow as you might loose too much steam which is pushing the water out).

Fill the water tank - turn the machine on and let it fill and reach temperature - then I would flush again.

Hopefully that will get rid of the vast majority of taint in the hot water and it is probably a good idea to flush the boiler on a regular basis - maybe once a month or so - I actually regularly use the hot water tap just to get cups nice and hot so I actually keep replenishing the water in the boiler that way.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll give that a try. Hopefully it fades eventually.


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I am getting a plastic taste from my new Lelit Bianca too. I've flushed the hot water wand too and it's still there. Did your issue get resolved?

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Have folks tried what water boiled for a long time tastes like?

This time of year my municipal water supply ups the amount of chloramine used for disinfection. If water with chloramine is left hot for long periods, then a plastic taste will be imparted to the water, and this taste persists even after distillation.

A specialized type of carbon filter - "catalytic" activated carbon - is needed to remove chloramine. However, be aware that stuff will grow in your reservoir without a disinfectant, so you will want to wash your machine's plastic reservoir regularly, with frequency - weekly, every two weeks, etc., - depending on how long the machine is kept on/how hot the reservoir water gets.
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