Lelit Mara X had to reheat water after just a single shot

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I was dialling in a new roast today and my previous grind setting was far too fine, so my shot got choked. But I let the shot run for a little long so it'll be easier to knock the puck out after. In the end it was a 17s pre-infusion and I let the shot be pulled at 9 bars for almost a minute more. Now, had a couple issues here (new to this machine and espresso in general so still trying to learn). First, does a fine grind mean that pre-infusion (for a machine without manual flow control) would take longer too? It didn't build up any pressure until 8s in and I think that made the situation worse since it was basically pre-wetting at this point and that increases resistance.

The bigger issue was that I had to wait 5min for the machine to reheat to pull another shot after. I was a bit surprised by that and was wondering if me letting the shot run for a minute caused it to lose heat or something? My water reservoir was only around 1/8th full at this point so also curious if it doesn't pull in enough water in this case and that's why it didn't have enough heat for another shot. I was trying to fix high OPV settings the day before so worried that I maybe messed with something which caused the issue (likely not since my shots earlier in the day were fine).