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herbibore wrote:I know this thread got derailed, but I was just about to post this same question in the MaraX thread so I thought I'd revive this one instead.

When I am running my new MaraX with the blind filter in, I get 10.5 bar on the machine and 11 bar at the head (see attached photos).

To me it sounds like the advice to "leave it factory calibrated" seems unwise given what I'm seeing, but I'm interested in if I'm not considering something.

Edit: I have the flow control kit pre-installed from Chris' Coffee, but I generally leave it wide open.


Have you ever found a solution to this? I bought a MaraX abs added the Lelit flow control kit with manometer and have the SAME issue.


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I know this isn't a new thread, hope it's ok to jump in.

I've had a Mara X for about a week now. Out of the box, I found the extraction was good for a while, then it slowed down and started to choke a bit during the shot, maybe as the puck got compressed. This was with the OPV at factory setting, which was nearly 11 bar. I turned the OPV down to 9 bar and the extraction is much much better, and doesn't slow down half way through. This is all with the built in pressure gauge.