Lelit Mara PL62 OPV returns water to tank, pump constantly running

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My Mara PL62 started sending a lot of water back to the water tank, the water tank got hot, and thus the pump started often as well because the heating tank was getting emptied I guess. I have no idea why I looked into at this, but I did the test that he shows regarding to the 2way solenoid valve, and I had the same result as him.
So, I changed the solenoid valve and hoped that would be it.

Now, if I start the machine, the pump starts up immediately, runs continuously trying to fill the tank, and pressure shoots to 8 bars as soon as pumps starts. It just runs and runs. I see that there is still alot of water being returned to the water tank, when the machine is just ON and pump runs automatic, this comes from the OPV I figured out.

I was thinking it was a OPV problem, but if you see below, I am not so sure anymore.
1. The OPV valve is open when the pump runs automatically, so the flow divides itself and goes back to water tank.
2. The heating never comes on, because the tank does not fill.
3. If I push the limit switch to start the group head, the pressure falls down to 2 bars, while there comes water out of the group head

When using the group head, water is not coming from OPV to "return to tank", but one of the other "return to water tank" tubes are leading water to water tank.

I've ordered both safety valve and the OPV, but I feel I am just (trouble) shooting in the dark.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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A couple of options for you - i doubt it's related to the OPV or safety .

1 - Brew microswitch is failing on, remove the wires from it and see if problem persists

2 - Blockage in boiler fill circuit so boiler can't reach full level - for a while Lelit put a small restrictor on one side of the boiler fill solenoid, it gets blocked easily, just remove it or clean out the blockage;

Lelit PL62T Mara - pump runs, but boiler doesn't fill