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What's the recommendation for the steam boiler temperature? And, moreso, what are the differences in setting it low to say 125c to high at 145c. I've been working on my milk steaming and am looking at all variables (currently have the machine at the default of 135c). I see some folks in this thread mentioning raising the steam boiler temp to 145c but I'd love more information about what the performance differences are in the various temperature. Thank you!


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There is a direct correlation between temperature and pressure.
Here you can find a table, the water saturation pressure is the absolut pressure, so you have to subtract your atmospherical pressure (~1bar) from it to get the "over pressure": https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/wate ... d_599.html

For larger milk jugs ou typically want higher pressure (temperature), for smaller you want lower.


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So for a general rule of thumb, 135c for a small jug, 140c for medium (12oz~, 145c for larger (18oz) jugs?