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I am a new owner of Lelit Elizabeth V3, and so far it has been fantastic.
I haven't tinkered anything with the machine, and the OPV is still on original factory settings.. mine is on 10 bar.

Yesterday I decided to turn off steam boiler as I thought I only wanted to brew coffee. I am aware pre-infusion is done differently with steam boiler off, but I observed different behaviour pressure-wise during brewing. The manometer was still in pre-infusion stage past the 6 secs and stayed there even after the pump turned back on.. then it went to 9 bar on 11-12 seconds mark until the shot is finished.

Out of curiosity I turned steam boiler back on.. and brew another shot.. it was back to normal.. 6 secs on pre-infusion pressure, and go to 10 bar right after the pump turned on.

Is that pressure behaviour normal when the steam boiler is off?

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Cappuchin0 wrote:does the Elizabeth run both boilers at the same time in the 220v version? I need to figure out what wattage transformer to buy to have it now work in the Us. Has anybody else run an Elizabeth in EU config in the US/Can?
Total power of EU version is 1250W.
Both boilers are heated consecutively, whereby the coffee boiler has priority.
IMHO it is not good idea to use european version in US/Can with transformer...


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Hi all
I just bought an Elizabeth a few months ago. Recently I noticed a small pressure variation after a while with the blind filter. I may be a bit dainty but still wanted to share a video with you guys. I wonder whether this slight (0.1 bars) pressure drop / fluctuation is normal... Or should I be concerned :/
Thanks for your feedback (broken link fixed)