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wwwpuntoit wrote:How can I check this?
So my offset for the brew boiler is 10 (in the advanced settings) and I have the display set to display the actual temp (not the target temp). Once my machine warmed up, they displayed the same numbers as they probably should. Before I set my machine to display the actual temp, the default display only showed the target temp. By pressing the plus sign, I got the actual temp. Not sure that answers your question. There's a good video on this when Dave Corby goes through the advanced settings.

I'm not sure why it looks like you're getting two different temps for the brew boiler, but as far as I know, there's only one temp for the brew boiler that you can set at a time. The only time it looks like I get two different temps is during warmup and before I set my display to show the actual temp.


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My Lelit E will always overshoot the programmed temperature after initial warmup and ready. The actual temp often hits 118*C and will then cool to the setpoint over time. If you access the hot water as soon as the machine is ready you can tell it's too hot because the hot water sputters.
I normally use the hot water dispenser to warm my cup. After dispensing a cupful of hot water the machine will inject cool reservoir water into the boiler, dropping the temp to around 88*C and will quickly heat to my setpoint of 95*C without overshoot. At this point I brew my coffee.
Or if you're patient the temp will naturally cool and then stabilize at setpoint and should be ready to make coffee ~30 minutes after startup


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I have a question about the steam temp
I've set it to 145c but it'll hardly get to that point. I mostly find it around 130ish or so... Is there a trick to raise the temperature quickly?? I find that if I purge it quickly it'll drop and then rise back up fast but no guarantee it'll reach 145c.
I'm a bit confused :shock:


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I don't usually keep tabs on steam temp ramp. If the nozzle produces a good amount of steam that's all I worry about. I did check my machine that was still in ready after making coffee 20 minutes ago and the temp was ~142*C with a setpoint of 140.


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does the Elizabeth run both boilers at the same time in the 220v version? I need to figure out what wattage transformer to buy to have it now work in the Us. Has anybody else run an Elizabeth in EU config in the US/Can?


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Hi everyone
I am in Canada, plan to buy Elizabeth.
European prices looks so nice (around 1000 euro with delivery fees). But all items are 220v.
Who can suggest where I can buy with better price in my region?
Thank you,

vecchi della seattle
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See what Idrinkcoffee.com can do. Their prices are half way between Europe and the US from what I see.


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Got a new Elizabeth a few days ago all in all I'm satisfied and it performs at I expect,
However, I have an issue I'm not familiar with from previous machines.

At times seems like the gasket doesn't seal properly and i get water dripping from the back side of the head.
Pressure is usually still around 9 bars.

If i use a 1.7mm puck screen it's often worse, with 1mm it's just small amount or nothing.

Is it just that the gasket became dry when the machine was stored? (It's a new machine)
I'm always wetting the PF edges a bit when inserting and trying my best to get to middle point when i lock in the PF.

chanty 77

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I'm trying to remember..... had my Elizabeth for a little over a year and a half. I remember when first using it, I think I had some dripping going on over the portafilter basket. It ended up going away after I was attaching the portafilter every day. I think it was initially a very tight fit, and I wasn't turning it far enough to the right when inserting the portafilter.


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Cappuchin0 wrote:does the Elizabeth run both boilers at the same time in the 220v version? I need to figure out what wattage transformer to buy to have it now work in the Us. Has anybody else run an Elizabeth in EU config in the US/Can?
I don't know if it helps.. I am running 220v version in Indonesia (which is also 220v), and it looks both boilers reached to set temperatures at the same time (not sure if it means both running at the same time).

Prior to buying, I saw a YT video from the local distributor in Indonesia about the energy consumption of a bunch of Lelit machines (Elizabeth was in the video), and it looks like the machine drawn 1,000-1,200 watts (5-6A/220V) during warm up. In the video, the guy said boilers were not on at the same time, yet both boilers' was rising and reached the set temperature at the same time.. so idk what happens