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chaineym wrote:I have a couple of questions for those who upgraded to the IMS Shower Screen. I received mine and I'm not sure about two things:

1) Is the shower screen supposed to be tightened until the outer part is in contact with the brass bloc (and secure enough) or until the whole screen becomes flat (until if can no longer be tightened). Since the stock screen is concave, I figured it was the first option but I was curious what you guys did.

2) Anyone found a better screw option that fits better with the screen? The stock one works but the angle is not quite right and it stick out a bit. I does not leave an indent on the dry puck but it does on the wet puck. It's annoying me a bit.
Quick update on point 1, I tried both and I'm getting sketchy results with both. When I look at my puck, I can see 4 indents where the 4 big holes are on the distribution block. I tried turning the screen a bit so that the holes are not aligned but that's a pain in the ass and doesn't seem to change much. I think that screen is not restrictive enough and I'll go back to the stock one.


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chanty 77 wrote:Has anyone replaced the gasket yet? This was something I did every year on my Gaggia. If so, any particular gasket you have purchased & are there directions anywhere? Thanks.
I just replaced mine with the Cafelat Silicone Group Gasket E61 8mm that I purchased from Clive Coffee. Works great!


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Does the Elizabeth replenish the boiler with water from the tank during extraction or after? I only had a chance to try this machine once, and it seemed that the pump sometimes makes noise at unexpected times.

chanty 77

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I *think* it is after. I remember getting freaked out hearing the pump make noise a little after steaming milk. The vendor told me that it is completely normal--the boiler is refilling. I'm assuming depending how many shots you pull, it would also refill the boiler then too.


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As far as I can tell, the Elizabeth has only one probe for water level in the steam boiler.
Additionally, after reaching the "probe level", the Elizabeth stops quite fast with pumping. This means, that the level is nearly always the same. When it is a bit too low, it pumps, then it stops.
This also leads to the circumstance, that the Elizabeth enables the pump nearly everytime you switch it on.


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So it's only related to the steam boiler not the brewing boiler? That's unfortunate. It would have been great if water would only be replenished while the machine is not brewing espresso, to completely prevent cold water from the tank from impacting brewing temperature.


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Please reevaluate your statement. The brew boiler is completely filled with water, and in order to make an espresso, the pump has to pump cold water into the boiler, to press the hot water out.


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@Pflunz - isn't it technically possible to temporarily shutter tank-to-boiler water passage while extracting coffee, and then re-open that passage and block boiler-to-grouphead water passage while pumping cold water into the boiler? I'm not saying any machine works this way, but maybe they should. Temperature stability throughout extraction should improve when water in the boiler remains at the same temperature throughout.


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But then where comes the pressure to extract your espresso from?

hercdeisel (original poster)

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This video, starting at about 2min, describes the relationship between the pump, the brew boiler, and the steam boiler when pulling a shot.

From experience, how much of a drop in temperature you see displayed for the brew boiler from before a shot and after a shot depends on how warmed up the machine is.

However, this video suggests that pulling enough water to make a shot doesn't actually lead to a decrease in water temp that is seen by the puck: